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Rental Boats

 Rent a Boat in Skiathos!!!

Rent a boat for a day is one of the best things that you can do in Skiathos island.You don’t need license to drive and you can have full instructions from us on how to drive. Skiathos is a small paradise full of beaches ready for you to explore! You can discover all beaches around the island, even those which are not accessible by car like Lalaria, Kastro, Tsougria and Arko. Rent a boat is a fabulous way for everyone to experience the treasure of Skíathos island and every hidden beach.Boats can be picked up from the port of  Skiathos or any other desired location.

Our boats are easy to drive and especially designed for families, couples and groups for snorkelling, fishing, swimming and sightseeing.There are 4.60 and 4.80 meters long with 30hp engines (2stroke-4stroke).You don’t need a license to drive and can take from 1 to 6 people.There are also ribs 5.30, 6.00 and 7.00 meters long with 90hp and 150hp engines.You need a license to drive and can take from 1 to 6 people, from 1 to 8 people and from 1 to 10 people.

Your safety is very important for us and so all safety equipment is provided in the cost of your hire.Instructions on the safe use of the boat, maps and information about where to go, what to do are provided to all our future captains in order to be ready to cruise.A 15 minutes obligatory training is required and are ready to go and discover your own hidden secret beaches of Skíathos island.

Things you need to know

Bring with you

  • A valid passport or ID.
  • Cash.
  • A fully charged mobile to communicate in any case (or emergency).

Boat hire procedure

  • You have to arrive at our starting point at least 15 minutes earlier from your rental.
  • Non-arrival without prior notification shall entitle “Skíathos Achladies Rental Boats-Watersports” to treat the booking as cancelled which is not-refundable.
  • Every boat is checked before hand and we will give you a full demonstration.We will need to sign prior to your departure.Unless otherwise stated you must return the boat to   “Skíathos Achladies Rental Boats-Watersports” in the same condition as it was given by the agreed return time.The boat will be inspected for any damage or loss of equipment.
  • The return of the boat at a non agreed time or without any notification will require extra payment.

Insurance & Fuel

This covers damage to other people or property.Although boats are insured, you (the driver) are primarily responsible for any damage or loss regarding the boat and its equipment.In case of damage/loss you will have to pay the amount of excess in full (or part of).This amount will vary depending on the type of damage or loss.You (the driver) will be help responsible for the actions of other members of your party as well.

Fuel is NOT included in the boat rental rates.The boat is given to you with full tank.Extra fuel is possible with an extra charge.

What we offer

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Trip with a driver

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