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At the northeastern end of the island is Lalaria Beach,It’s magnificent view causes awe and admiration to visitors who see it for the first time. The huge stone with the famous hole in the middle, the stunning rocks that start from the top of the slope and end up on the back of the coast, its pebbled, are some of the inexplicablenature that abound in the area.skiathos rent boats,skiathos rental boats,skiathos boat hire,skiathos speedboats,skiathos boats for hire,skiathos boats,skiathos,greece,

Lalaria is the Greek word for the pebbles that give the beach it’s name.Day trip visitors must negotiate wooden gangplanks on visiting boats to get down to the beach.The shore is covered in grey and white stones and pebbles polished smooth by the sea and backed by steep grey and white cliffs.The sea water here is extraordinarily clear and comes in amazing shades of blue.

The only way to visit this beach is by boat, starting in the morning by renting a boat.Those who rent their own boat can avoid the day trip crowds and get the beach to themselves.

“To truly experience the island of Skiathos you must see it from the sea.Let me show you.”

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