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Water Ski – Wakeboard

Our speciality for all ages and levels of competence.
Learn with our professional instructors or simply do..
your own thing.
Water ski and wakeboard at “Skíathos Achladies Rental Boats-Watersports” offers the ultimate Waterski and Wakeboard vacation for families, our goal is to provide a Fun and Relaxing atmosphere for all.


For extreme sports lovers.Stay on the extremes(if you can),challenge your friend and live on the edge.


Ride the sofa with your friends or family and share the Fun.
It is safe and suitable for all.


Hang high up, over the absolute blue, feel the wind, enjoy and have a bird eye view of Skíathos Island.Our specially trained and experienced crew will show you the flight procedure.We fly you up to 70 meters and you can enjoy the view alone, with a friend or as triple with 3 people all together.
The ride is 10-15 minutes and we fly you to different beaches.You can see Skíathos Town and all the beaches under your feet, we use a winch boat, special designed for parasailing.We clip you on the parasailing with safety harness and you take off gradually.The boat has a winch so you take off smoothly and you don’t get wet.It will be good idea to have a camera with you because the view up there is amazing.After 10 minutes of flying we winch you in and land nice and smooth on the boat platform.


Rent a pedal, canoe or sup and have fun.Explore neighbouring beaches.
Pedal, canoes and sup are the most popular water fun toys that you can use and enjoy the sun and the sea.
Are great fun for you and your family.


MAY 40%
JUNE 70%
JULY 90%