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Lalaria Bech

 Lalaria beach

Lalaria beach is one of the most beautiful in Greece and one that made Skiathos famous.The magnificent look of the scenery causes awe and admiration to guests who see it for the first time. The huge stone with the famous hole in the middle, the impressive cliffs that start from the top of the slope and end up back at the coast, round pebbles are all part of some unexplained nature phenomena of the area.


Our guided Boat Trips are an idyllic way to experience the treasure of Skiathos island and our gorgeous turquoise waters.Maybe you are not ready to boating on your own.Or you want to be sure to explore the most incredible beaches, the places, the locals go, to the ones that are not on the proverbial touristic map, if so, our guided Boat Trips are for you.


We start early in the morning from our location Achladies Beach.The first stop is in the caves and next stop is Lalaria beach.We stay in Lalaria beach for about 45 minutes and then we can enjoy our trip around the Skiathos.You will explore all the north coats beaches Kastro beach, Kehria Beach and more!!Then we will explore the south coast beaches and our last destination is Tsougria or Arkos islands.We leave you there to spend the rest of your day,we pick you up any time you like just only with one call.The time when we arrive in Tsougria or Arkos will be around 13:00 p.m

Plan a Boat Trip with Skiathos Rent Boat for an incredible adventure on the turquoise waters,let us be your guide for a day.
We offer you private trips up to 10 quests.

“To truly experience the island of Skiathos you must see it from the sea.Let me show you.”

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