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We are certified quality safe water sports business and we love teaching waterski and wakeboard to the people who like to learn.We will make sure you get the best performance and by the end of your first lesson, you will say i want to do it again.

We start with lesson first on the beach, or in the boat.We make sure you understand everything.After you get up on the lesson training bar,we will take you back on the rope.Every time you try after that first go waterski seems so much easier and you improve very quickly.

Extreme Ride

Extreme ride is one of the popular type of ride because it offers great excitement to any age rider.On the extremes you lie face down on and you are holding from the handles.We give you some tips on how to move your body so you will get the maximum speed safe, making this an unforgettable experience.The ride are for all ages and is totally safe!We have 30 years experience driving will make this a really pleasant experience.

Sofa Ride

Ride the sofa with your friends or family and have Fun.
Sofa ride is great fun not to be missed.Is for all family and you can ride up 6 people.Is safe for all ages and you don’t fall.The ride can be really slow for small children and more fast for adults who like speed.The ride lasts for 10min and we give you a great ride with turns and slaloms jumping on the boat waves.You don’t need to book in advance,just visit our place whenever you like and you are going to enjoy the ride.


The Stand Up Paddles are very popular sports all over the world gives you the ability to enjoy a beautiful ride by the coast or just have fun with your family.Is great to learn how to balance on the water,after the first hour you get the hang of it and soon you will paddling like Professional.


Canoes are also great fun and you can rent them by the hour.We have 1 and 2 sitters canoes and is great fun and great exercise on the water.


Pedalos are the most popular water fun toy you can use and enjoy the sun and the sea.The pedalo can take up to 4 persons and normally you rent it for 1 or 2 hour.


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